Data Editor

This node is designed to add information to previously loaded microbial data or to correct details. For example, not all available information in the ComBase can be exported to a CSV file (e.g. the references). Also data from the database or from an XLS file may not contain all necessary information.


Conditions to add
Click 'Add' to enter the database and choose one or more additional environmental conditions. By clicking on the '+' button new conditions can be added to the database. For each selected environmental condition (e.g. sucrose concentration) two new columns are added at the end of the Data Editor table: One column for values and one in which the unit should be defined.

To delete an assay condition highlight its name in the white box above the table and click 'Remove'.
The available data sets can be viewed in the table. Except for the ID and the time series (column 'MD_Data') all cells can be changed.

Input Ports

Data from spreadsheets (e.g. from the nodes ComBase Reader or XLS Data Reader) or from a database (via Data Reader)

Output Ports

Edited data sets


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