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Predictor View JS

Node extensions for KNIME Workbench version by BfR

The model plotter plots the first PMM model available in the input data table in a JavaScript view. If more plotable functions are provided in the input table only the first will be plotted and a warning will be shown. All variables (arguments) of the plotable function can be adjusted in the view by sliders. Values of constants will be taken from the PMM input and can be changed in the view as well.


Chart title
The chart title will be shown as headline right above the plot.
Select all models
if checked then all PMM models will be plotted and shown in the model plotter.
Y0 (log10(count/g))
Value of constant Y0 with unit log10(count/g).
Min x-axis
The minimum value of the x axis.
Max x-axis
The maximum value of the x axis.
Min y-axis
The minimum value of the y axis.
Max y-axis
The maximum value of the y axis.
Run Headless
Generating the plot depending on the default values of the Model's parameters without opening the view .

Interactive View: Model Plotter

The view plots the function of the first model.

Input Ports

Fitted primary or secondary models and parameters (e.g. from the nodes Model Fitting, Model Reader, XLS Model Reader, Model Creator)

Output Ports

Constant names and values used in the model function. Values are shown and can be changed in the view.
Includes at least the authors' names, a comment, and the report name.
An SVG image that represents the plot.

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