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Model Reader

Node extensions for KNIME Workbench version by BfR

Loads primary or secondary models together with previously estimated parameter values from the internal database.


Filter for primary or secondary model formulas. Primary model formulas can be further filtered according to the 'Type' (e.g. growth models).
Check the box 'Filter by formula' and choose one or more models by clicking the listed names. If the above mentioned filter options were used the list is already reduced.
Estimation quality
Filter estimated models either by RMS or by R2 by entering a value into the textbox.
MD Filter
To filter for models estimated for specific organisms (e.g. 'E. coli ') or matrices (e.g. 'beef') type an organism or matrix name into one of the text boxes or tick the [...] button to choose entries from the internal database. Now either press 'OK' and execute the node or press 'Select Models'. The latter option allows to view estimated models in a graph as well as in a table. Here, entries can be sorted for quality parameters or environmental conditions. All ticked entries will be in the outport after execution of the node.

Output Ports

Imported models

Best Friends (Outgoing)


To use this node in KNIME, install PMM Nodes from the following update site:


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