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FSK Simulation Configurator JS

BfR FSK-Lab extension nodes version by German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)

Generate simulations for a FSK model. The defaultSimulation settings created by the FSK creator and Editor are disabled by default. The simulation selected in the view is set as simulation to run in the runner node.


Simulation names
The simulation names only take unique identifiers of type SId. The SId type follows the pattern:
  • letter ::= ’a’..’z’,’A’..’Z’
  • digit ::= ’0’..’9’
  • nameChar ::= letter | digit | ’_’
  • name ::= ( letter | ’_’ ) nameChar*
Simulation parameters
Values for all the parameters in the FSK model. Currently only real numbers are supported.

Interactive View: JS Simulation Configurator

Input Ports

Input FSK model

Output Ports

Output FSK model


To use this node in KNIME, install BfR FSK-Lab from the following update site:


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