Inject Column Properties

This node adds column properties from a table of new properties to the existing input table. The second input table provides the new column properties, and must have the first three columns as String columns with the names

  1. Column Name
  2. Property Name
  3. Property Value
Existing properties are optionally overwritten or retained according to the node settings


  1. It is not possible to change the order of properties for an individual column in the column properties table
  2. All column properties are stored as text/String values regardless of what they represent
  3. If the same column name / property name occurs more than once in the input table, only the last value will be applied to the output table

This node was developed by Vernalis Research (Cambridge, UK) . For feedback and more information, please contact


Clear existing properties
Should existing properties from the incoming table be cleared prior to applying the new properties?
Apply to all columns
If existing properties are cleared, should they be cleared from all incoming columns, or only those with new properties?
Overwrite duplicate properties
If existing properties are being retained, should a new value for an existing property overwrite the existing value?
Use incoming table spec during configure
Most of the time, using the incoming table spec for the output table during the node configuration will not cause any problems, and allow downstream nodes to be configured. In this case, the output will at configure have the incoming properties regardless of the node settings. If this causes a problem, then uncheck this option, in which case a table spec will not be available at the output until the node is executed

Input Ports

Incoming data table to apply the properties to
The incoming table containing the properties. See above for detailed requirements. NB In KNIME, all properties are stored as text

Output Ports

The input table with modified column properties


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