Save File Locally

This node saves a copy of the text files held in a table column to filepaths held in a second column.
A rudimentary attempt is made to validate the filepaths - which must be complete paths, e.g. C:\Temp\myfile.txt If the full folder path does not exist, an attempt is made to create it.
The returned column will contain a missing value if either of the input columns is a missing value, 'true' if the file was successfully written, and 'false' if it was not written (i.e. because overwrite was set to off, and the file existed, or because the directory could not be created or was not a valid path)
This node can be used to create txt files, or save pdb, mol, mol2 files etc. by providing an appropriate filepath and extension.


Select a column name containing the file cells
The column containing the content to be written to the file
Enter name of column for file paths
The column containing the full path to the output files
Save all files in parent folder
If checked, then the file path folder is assumed to contain sub-paths, or simply filenames, and will be relative to the indicated parent folder
Parent Directory
The optional parent folder to save files in
Overwrite files
If checked, existing files are overwritten without warning
Enter name of column for save successful flag
The name of a column for the outcome to be put in

Input Ports

The input table containing a column with text and a column with filepaths

Output Ports

The input table with a boolean column indicating the outcome of local save added


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