Configurable End IF/CASE

An 'Inactive Branch Consumer' which will collect 2 or more inactive branches and provide an active branch if there was an active incoming branch. Additional incoming ports can be added, and the port type changed via the configuration menu on the node. Depending on the port type, different options will be available in the node dialog

Flow Variables - there are no options in this case. The output will always be the first connected branch

Data Table It is possible to combine multiple active inputs, depending on the table specs and node settings

Other port types It is not possible to combine multiple ports. In this case if multiple active inputs are present, only one will be passed through or the node execution will fail depending on the node settings

This node was developed by Vernalis Research . For feedback and more information, please contact


Port combining options

This tab contains options for combining multiple active ports

Row key policy
How row keys should be handled
Add port index column
Should a column containing the active incoming port index be appended
Ignore empty input tables
Should empty active input tables be ignored
Allow changing column types
Should columns with the same name but differing types be allowed in the active ports?
Allow changing table specs
Should the table specs be allowed more major changes between active ports

Multiple active port options

This tab contains options when ports cannot be combined

Multiple-active behaviour
How the node should behave if multiple active ports are encountered

Input Ports

The first input port
The second input port
Additional input ports

Output Ports

The output port


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