This program archives information that's useful for understanding why jobs don't run as expected. It creates a zip archive containing the current environment, a list of installed Schrodinger software packages, the schrodinger.hosts file, the queues/ support scripts and the license file. If jobids are specified, the job record(s) for those jobs are archived, along any related files (batch scripts, qlog files, etc) from the jobdb.

Backend implementation

$SCHRODINGER/utilities/postmortem for Jobcontrol jobids
$SCHRODINGER/jsc postmortem for Jobserver jobids


Hide sensitive information
Automatically replace strings that may contain sensitive information
Other args
Specify any additional postmortem options
Run postmortem for each row
Run postmortem utility for each row. If it is OFF(default value is OFF), then only one postmortem output file will be generated for all the input jobids. This is applicable only for Jobcontrol jobids. For Jobserver jobids, individual postmortem files are generated always.

Input Ports

Postmortem file (.zip)

Output Ports

Output of postmortem


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