Set MAE Index

Maestro cells in KNIME can contain more than one object, whether it is a molecule (i.e., CT), Sequence, or Alignment. The Set MAE Index node sets a property for each object within a cell whose value is the index in which that object is within that cell in sequence, starting the count with 1. Based on the cell type, the property name is 'i_knime_cell_molecule_index' for MaestroCells, 'i_knime_cell_sequence_index' for SequenceCells, and 'i_knime_cell_alignment_index' for AlignmentCells.


Column containing input
Column in the input containing the Sequences, Alignments, or Maestro structures.

Input Ports

This table includes at least one column that is a Sequence, Alignment, or Maestro format

Output Ports

This table includes the input with the additional property within the selected column


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