Glide Grid Reader

This node allows for reading of existing Glide grid files (incl. zipped Glide grids). Note that for efficiency only the location (i.e. absolute path) of the grid files is saved along with the workflow and not the actual grid files themselves.

Backend implementation from bundled scripts directory (Not for general use)
This node uses this script to read in the constraints from the grid.


From a variable
Select a variable whose value is a valid Glide Grid file location (.grd, .zip). Click on "Add" to add its value to the table.
File name
The glide grid files to be read in from the file system
File can be an URL like:
knime://LOCAL/path/to/file - knime://LOCAL refers to the current workspace
knime://knime.workflow/path/to/file - knime://knime.workspace refers to the current workflow
Save grid
Whether the workflow saves the grid data (otherwise it saves a pointer to the files that exist on the file system)

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Glide grid


This node has no views




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