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Wine Recommendation

Get a specific wine recommendation (concrete product) for a given wine type, e.g. "merlot".


The type of wine to get a specific product recommendation for.
Max Price (*)
The maximum price for the specific wine recommendation in USD.
Min Rating (*)
The minimum rating of the recommended wine between 0 and 1. For example, 0.8 equals 4 out of 5 stars.
Number (*)
The number of wine recommendations expected (between 1 and 100).
Result Format
Specify how the response should be mapped to the table output. The following formats are available:
  • Raw Response: Returns the raw response in a single row with the following columns:
    • body: Response body
    • status: HTTP status code

Input Ports

Configuration data.

Output Ports

Result of the request depending on the selected Result Format.
Configuration data (this is the same as the input port; it is provided as passthrough for sequentially chaining nodes to declutter your workflow connections).

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