Extract Recipe From Website

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Extract Recipe from Website

This endpoint lets you extract recipe data such as title, ingredients, and instructions from any properly formatted Website.


The URL of the recipe page.
Force Extraction (*)
If true, the extraction will be triggered whether we already know the recipe or not. Use this only if information is missing as this operation is slower.
Analyze (*)
If true, the recipe will be analyzed and classified resolving in more data such as cuisines, dish types, and more.
Include Nutrition (*)
Include nutrition data in the recipe information. Nutrition data is per serving. If you want the nutrition data for the entire recipe, just multiply by the number of servings.
Include Taste (*)
Whether taste data should be added to correctly parsed ingredients.
Result Format
Specify how the response should be mapped to the table output. The following formats are available:
  • Raw Response: Returns the raw response in a single row with the following columns:
    • body: Response body
    • status: HTTP status code

Input Ports

Configuration data.

Output Ports

Result of the request depending on the selected Result Format.
Configuration data (this is the same as the input port; it is provided as passthrough for sequentially chaining nodes to declutter your workflow connections).

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