Solve Image Captcha

Solves plain image Captchas (i.e. one which shows some more or less distorted, but human-readable text which is supposed to be entered by the user) using the 2Captcha Captcha solving API.

This node requires the captcha as PNG image cell – you can extract it using a combination of a “Find Elements” node (select the captcha image) and a “Take Screenshot” node to create an image cell of (only!) the captcha.

The node appends a column with the captcha solution and a flow variable imageCaptchaSolution – use this to fill out the input page on the website for the solution.

To solve reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha, have a look athe “Solve Captcha” node instead.


Input column which provides the captcha as PNG cell
2Captcha API Key
Your API key to for the 2Captcha API

Input Ports

Table with a column providing a PNG cell

Output Ports

Table with appended captcha solution

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