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Converts the given coordinates to a Geohash.

A geohash is a single string of letters and digits of an arbitrary length – the longer, the more precise. A geohash guarantees, that two hashes with a shared prefix are close together (however the reverse is not guaranteed). This still makes geohashes useful e.g. for indexation, etc.

A hash can be shortened at the end, which means losing precision. For the precision depending on the number of characters, see here:

Hash length Error
1 ± 2,500 km
2 ± 630 km
3 ± 78 km
4 ± 20 km
5 ± 2.4 km
6 ± 610 m
7 ± 76 m
8 ± 19 m

Example: For a coordinate of 42.605, -5.603, the geohash of length 5 is ezs42.


Column in the input table with the geohash value to parse.
Drop input column
Remove the input column from the output table.
Hash length
Length of the generated hash in characters.
Output column name (*)
The name of the appended output column with the Geo Coordinate.

Input Ports

Table with a geohash string column to parse.

Output Ports

Table with appended Geo Coordinate column which contains the parsed geohash.

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