QVX Writer

Writes qvx files. Upon executing, the node will read the data table on the in-port. The node will write the appropriate table header information header information for the qvx file, and then write the data portion of the qvx file based on the data table.



Output Location
Enter a valid file name, or select a file from the "Browse" dialog. The supported file format is .qvx.
Table name
Table name of the qvx file.
If file exists...
Decide whether an existing file should be overwritten on execution, or if execution should be aborted.

Field Attributes

Column Name
Name of the column of the input data table, which will also be the name of the corresponding column in the qvx file.
Field Attribute
Specifies how QlikView should interpret the data values in the qvx file.
# Decimals
For the Field Attribute of "FIX", specifies number of decimal places. For the Field Attribute of "REAL", specifies the number of significant digits.


Record Separator
Specifies if a record separator byte should be written before each record.
Specifies the byte-order of the numerical data values within the qvx file.

Input Ports

Data table that will be used to generate the qvx file.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


This node has no views




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