Big Graph Viewer

Caution: this node is currently under development. Future versions of the node might have more or changed functionality.

This node works as its own Flink Executor and utilizes JS graph libraries to interactively display logical graphs with WebGL (SigmaJS) and a dynamic force directed graph layout (VivagraphJS). The graph data is fetched from the given directory path, using JS promises to implement lazy loading.

Once a graph layout is applied, the vertex positions can be saved as a CSV file to the graph path. Vertices provide a Pop-Up menu (double-click) that shows the vertex properties. Neighbors of a vertex can be highlighted by selecting the vertex with Ctrl + left mouse.

For graphs clustered with the node Graph Clustering For Viewer additional functionality is provided:

Super vertices can be expanded with right mouse, which will add the current graph to the overview panel and load the children of the selected vertex. More than one super vertex can be expanded by selecting either a super vertex and its neighbors (Ctrl + left mouse) or selecting any super vertices with Shift + left mouse. Selected super vertices can be switched in the overview panel with either double click or Shift + left mouse.


View Options

Selected Directory
The path to the graph directory. A persisted logical graph in CSV format is expected. The use of FlowVariables to get the path is currently error prone and should be avoided.

Input Ports

The FlinkConnector for this workflow.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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