Filter Log By Frequency

This node filters the traces with certain frequency from an event log. It has two strategies to filter. One is on trace variant. Trace variant is a collection of traces with the same event classes sequence. If the size of trace variant meets the condition, the trace collection will be added to the filtered event log; Else, the trace collection is disposed. The other filter type is on the whole event log. The filter criteria is applied to the sum of trace variant. Firstly, the traces in event log is sorted according to trace variant frequency in the descending order. For example, given the threshold 0.8, and isKeep = true, the trace variants with higher frequency are summed to meet 0.8. Their traces will be added to the generated event log.


Keep trace
The filer strategy. If keep is chosen, the traces that match the following conditions will be kept. Else, the traces matching the conditions will be removed.
Define the filter type. If isForSingleTV is checked, the filter will be on the trace variant. Else, it works on the whole event log.
Define the threshold to filter. It accepts both percentage and absolute value. With value 0-1.0, it means the percentage in the whole event log size. When it is equal or greater than 1, it represents the absolute integer threshold. After configuration, it will be casted down into an integer value. The trace with equal or greater size than the threshold will be filtered.

Input Ports

The event log to be filtered

Output Ports

The filtered event log

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