Inductive Miner

This node accepts an event log to generate a process tree. Process tree is a block-structured process model, where the (inner) nodes are operators such as sequence, and choice, while leaves are activities. With process tree, it guarantees the soundness of process model. This node output process tree as output. Later, the process tree can be converted into Petri net.


Event classifer
The classifier chosen to classify the event log.
Inductive Miner Variant
One Inductive Miner variant is chosen to mine a process model. There are different variants to cope with different event log types.
Noise threshold
Noise threshold is used to filter the event log. If we choose one method with noise filter, this options shows up. When the Inductive Miner Variant is Inductive Miner, the noise threshold turns gray.

Input Ports

The Event Log as input

Output Ports

Generated Process tree as output


This node has no views




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