Precision Checker

Conceptually, the precision of a process model compared to one event log is supposed to be (1) high when the model allows for few traces not seen in the log; and (2) low when it allows for many traces not seen in the log. This node implements the Escaping Edges Precision (ETC) Conformance plugin from ProM. It accepts the inputs of a Petri net and an event log, calculates the values for percision metrics and the Minimal Disconformant Traces [MDT] (traces that helps to identify the exact point where the model begins to allow more behaviour than the log).
More information seen in the : paper and codes documentation.


Ordered presentation
It is true in default.
The algorithm to calculate the precision. It includes the following algorithms.
  • 1-Align Precision.
  • All-Align Precision.
  • Representative-Align Precision.
  • ETC Precision (no invisible/duplicates allowed). Escaping Edges Precision (ETC) calculates precision between an event log and a Petri net by constructing a prefix automaton and computing the escaping edges. Escaping edges are activities that are allowed as next activities in the process model but that are never observed in the event log after this prefix. In order to improve the precision measure robust to non-fitting traces, alignments are used to calculate the prefix automation.

Input Ports

Replayed result in alignment as input.

Output Ports

Precision Information

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