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StreamableKNIME Semantic Web Nodes version 4.3.0.v202011191625 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Deletes triples in a Semantic Web endpoint based on the triples from the input table. The triples in the table have to match the triples in the endpoint exactly.

In order to prepend namespaces it is necessary to choose Prepend in the settings dialogue.

If all triple columns are selected (i.e. subject, predicate, object column), the table is read out row-wise, so exactly the given triples are deleted. It is possible to leave out subject, predicate, object cells empty; but at least one cell as to be non-empty. For instance, the following entries for triples are possible:

Subject Predicate Object
Peter Country
Peter Germany
Peter Country Germany
Country Germany

If one or two of the triple columns are selected, only the selected columns will be read-out. For instance, if the input table is like
Subject Predicate Object
Peter Country Germany
but only subject and object column is selected, the triple will be interpreted as
Subject Predicate Object
Peter Germany

If only "graph name" column is selected, corresponding graph including stored triples, will be deleted. Attention: If all triples in a graph are deleted, the graph can stil exists (depends on connected endpoint). To be sure that a graph is completely deleted, it has to be deleted by selecting only the "Graph name" column.

Please see node description of Semantic Web node "SPARQL Insert" for usage of options "Graph name" and "Global Graph name".

Functionality is provided using the Apache Jena Framework


Column containing subjects of triples.
Column containing predicates of triples.
Column containing objects of triples.
Graph name
Column containing the names of the graphs in which the triple should be deleted. Or if only this is selected the names of the graphs that should be deleted.
Subject Namespace
If a namespace is given, the namespace of subject URIs will be changed.
Predicate Namespace
If a namespace is given, the namespace of predicate URIs will be changed.
Object Namespace
If a namespace is given, the namespace of object URIs will be changed.
Graph Namespace
If a namespace is given, the namespace of Graph URIs will be changed.
Global graph name
Graph name used for all the triples to be deleted.
Subject Prepend
If chosen, the subject namespace will always be prepended.
Predicate Prepend
If chosen, the predicate namespace will always be prepended.
Object Prepend
If chosen, the object namespace will always be prepended.

Input Ports

Semantic Web connection
Table containing triples and graph names

Output Ports

Semantic Web connection

Best Friends (Incoming)



To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME Semantic Web from the following update site:


A zipped version of the software site can be downloaded here.

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