Date&Time Aligner

Select a timestamp column and a time granularity. The node will verify that a record exists in your table for each value at that granularity, for example if you select hours it will check for 01:00, 02:00, 03:00… if a timestamp is not found it will be inserted and missing values generated for the remaining columns. The final output is sorted in ascending order of newly generated timestsamp. Use this in combination with the missing value node to correct missing time series data. This node preserves duplicated values and possibly lead to cluttered output. Therefore, in case of duplicated timestamps, we encourage using Date&Time Aggregator node before using this node.


Timestamp Alignment Parameters

Settings for configuring Timestamp Alignment node.

Timestamp Column

Timestamp column containing missing timestamps.

Replace Timestamp Column

Check this box in order to preserve the original timestamp column in the input table.


Select time granularity to fill the timestampes. Each timestamp filled will be in the 1 frequency interval for the selected granularity.

Available options:

  • Year: Impute missing years in the range
  • Month: Impute missing months in the given range
  • Week: Imupte missing weeks in the given range
  • Day: Impute missing dates in the given range
  • Hour: Impute missing hours in the given range
  • Minute: Impute missing minutes in the given date range
  • Seconds: Impute missing seconds in the given range

Input Ports


Table containing the timestamp column to fill in for the missing timestamps based on the time granularity selected.

Output Ports


Table output with the column with missing timestamps in the given range.

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