HF Hub LLM Connector

This node establishes a connection to a specific LLM hosted on the Hugging Face Hub. To use this node, you need to successfully authenticate with the Hugging Face Hub using the HF Hub Authenticator node.

Provide the name of the desired LLM repository available on the Hugging Face Hub as an input.

For more details and information about integrating LLMs from the Hugging Face Hub, refer to the LangChain documentation.


Hugging Face Hub Settings

Repo ID

The model name to be used, in the format <organization_name>/<model_name>. For example, Writer/camel-5b-hf. You can find available models at the Hugging Face Models repository.

Model Task

Task type for a given model.

Please ensure that the model capabilities align with the chosen task.

Available options:

Model Parameters

Top k

The number of top-k tokens to consider when generating text.

Typical p

The typical probability threshold for generating text.

Repetition penalty

The repetition penalty to use when generating text.

Max new tokens

The maximum number of tokens to generate in the completion.

The token count of your prompt plus max new tokens cannot exceed the model's context length.


Sampling temperature to use, between 0.0 and 100.0. Higher values will make the output more random, while lower values will make it more focused and deterministic.

Top-p sampling

An alternative to sampling with temperature, where the model considers the results of the tokens (words) with top_p probability mass. Hence, 0.1 means only the tokens comprising the top 10% probability mass are considered.

Input Ports


Validated authentication for Hugging Face Hub.

Output Ports


Connection to a specific LLM from Hugging Face Hub.

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