Vector Store to Tool

Turns a vector store into a tool by providing it with a name and a description. This tool can then be used by an agent during the execution of the Agent Prompter node to dynamically retrieve relevant documents from the underlying vector store.

A meaningful name and description are very important:


Name: KNIME_Node_Description_QA_System

Description: Use this tool whenever you need information about which nodes a user would need in a given situation or if you need information about nodes' configuration options.

Note that OpenAI Functions Agents require the name to contain no whitespaces while other kinds of agents may not have this restriction.


Tool name

The name for the Tool.

Tool description

The description for the tool through which an agent decides whether to use the tool or not. Provide a meaningful description to make the agent decide more optimally.

Retrieved documents

The number of top results that the tool will provide from the vector store.

Input Ports


A large language model.


A loaded vector store.

Output Ports


A tool for an agent to use.

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