Azure OpenAI Authenticator

This node provides the authentication for all Azure OpenAI models. It allows you to select the credentials that contain a valid Azure OpenAI API key in their password field (the username is ignored). Credentials can be set on the workflow level or created inside the workflow e.g. with the Credentials Configuration node and fed into this node via flow variable.

To find your Azure OpenAI API key, navigate to your Azure OpenAI Resource on the Azure Portal and copy one of the keys and the endpoint from 'Resource Management - Keys and Endpoints'.

Available API versions



Azure OpenAI API Key

The credentials containing the OpenAI API key in its password field (the username is ignored).

Azure Connection

Azure Resource Endpoint

The Azure OpenAI Resource Endpoint e.g. https://<myResource> which can be found on the Azure Portal

Azure API Version

The API version you want to use. Note that the latest API versions could support more functionality such as function calling. Find the available API versions here: API versions

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports


Validated authentication for Azure OpenAI.

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