Multiobjective Score Computation

This node takes two input tables: the first table contains all objects/rows from which subsets are selected. The second input table contains a collection of rows keys in each row, which represent the selected rows/objects after a subset selection. For each subset the objective functions entered in the dialog are computed and appended to the second input table.


Column with selected row keys
Select the column from the second table that contains collections of row keys here. Each collection represents a subset of rows from the first input table.
Objective function editor
In the objective function editor you can create your own objective function by combining one or more available objectives. The final value of the function must be a numeric value. After you have created a function you must add it to the list of objectives at the bottom.

Input Ports

Datatable with all rows to choose from during evaluating subsets
Datatable with a collection column that contains the selected row keys

Output Ports

The objective values for each subset from the second input table.


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