MongoDB Connector

Connects to MongoDB in order to access it by the downstream nodes.



Connection type
Use standard for a standard and SRV for a DNS Seed List connection.
List of servers to connect to. The default port for standard connections is 27017. For DNS seed list (SRV) connections the port must be empty.
When you select Credential or Username and password you also have to specify the authentication database. Select the None option to use no authentication at all or an alternative authentication. To use an alternative authentication you have to specifying the required parameters via the Advanced tab. For more details see the MongoDB manual.
Authentication Database
The authentication database for the login user. This option is only enabled for the Credential or Username and password authentication type.


Connection string options
The table provides a list of standard options and their default value if available. For further details about the available connection string options please have a look at the Mongo DB documentation.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

The MongoDB Connection


This node has no views




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