Track HiLite Propagator

This assistant node for the LAPTracker enables hiliting of all the rows on a track in an interactive view, via different modes.
This node's functionality depends on the Attach Original Labels option in the Advanced Settings tab of the LAPTracker Node.



Track Column
The column containing the tracks
Hiliting Mode
The way the node handles the Hilitepropagation. You can choose between two modes: Track to Points and Points to Points and disabling the Hilite propagation.

In the Track to Points mode, hiliting a row representing a track, (identified by the Track prefix ) in all rows that are on that track to be hilited as well.

Hiliting any row in the Points to Points mode results in all other rows on the same track to be also hilited.
Beware that this mode will lead to undefined results if you attach several LAPTracker nodes to the same data source, because the generated rows from differen LAPTracker nodes will have the same rowids and conflict in the hiliting.
Custom Prefix
The custom prefix for the tracks used by the LAPTracker that generated the tracks.

Input Ports

Table containing tracks, generated by the LAPTracker node.

Output Ports

The unchanged input Table.


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