Google Sheets Appender

Writes the input table to a new sheet of an existing spreadsheet in Google Sheets.


The spreadsheet can be selected from the spreadsheets available on Google Drive. You can see the unique spreadsheet ID by hovering over the name.
Opens a dialog which lists the available spreadsheets from google drive. In the dialog you can see the unique spreadsheet ID by hovering over the names.
Open in Browser...
Opens the selected spreadsheet in the browser.
Sheet name
The name of the sheet to which the table should be written.
Add column header
Here you determine whether the column names should be written in the first row.
Add row header
Here you determine whether the row ID's should be written in the first column.
For missing values write
By selecting this option, you can specify a string you want to substitute for missing values. If the option is left unchecked, the cells with missing values remain empty.
Write raw (do not parse numbers, dates, hyperlinks, etc.)
Values are written into the spreadsheet as-is ("raw"), i.e. they will not be parsed. Uncheck the option, if values should be written into the spreadsheet as if they were entered via the Google Sheets website. If unchecked, numbers will stay as numbers, but other strings may be converted to numbers, dates, etc. following the same rules that are applied when entering text into a cell via the Google Sheets website. For example, strings like =hyperlink("", "example") will be parsed to hyperlinks if this option is unchecked.
Create unique sheet name
The node will create a unique sheet name based on the given sheet name. (Example: Should 'SheetOne' already exist, the unique sheet name will be 'SheetOne (#1)')
Open spreadsheet after execution
Opens the spreadsheet after it has been written successfully. The spreadsheet will be opened in the systems's default browser.
Exclude/Include columns
Select the columns that will be written to the sheet file. If the columns in the input table change, they will automatically be excluded.

Input Ports

A Google Sheets connection.
Table to be written to a Google sheet

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


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