Flat File Document Parser

This node allows you to read flat text files and create a document for each file. The documents title will be the first sentence of the file and the full text the remaining text contained in the file. The specified directory will be searched for all files, if recursive search is activated the subdirectories are going to be searched too. All contained files are parsed. The document data is stored in the outgoing data table.


Document directory
Set the directory containing the files to parse.
Search recursively
If checked, the specified directory is searched for files recursively.
Ignore hidden files
If checked, hidden files will not be considered for parsing.
Document category
Specifies the category of the documents.
Document source
Specifies the source of the documents.
Document type
Specifies the type of the documents.
Specifies the charset of the documents.
Word tokenizer
Select the tokenizer used for word tokenization. Go to Preferences -> KNIME -> Textprocessing to read the description for each tokenizer.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

An output table containing the parsed document data.


This node has no views




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