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General Tag Filter

DeprecatedKNIME Textprocessing Plug-in version 4.4.0.v202106141441 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Filters all terms contained in the given bag of words (input table) with specified tags assigned. The terms are filtered out of the bag of words and the documents as well if deep preprocessing is checked.
A term is kept if at least one of its assigned tags is a valid tag. If strict filtering is set, all assigned tags of a term have to be valid.


Preprocessing options

Strict filtering
If strict filtering is checked, terms need to have all specified tags applied. If not checked, at least one tag has to be applied.
Filter matching
If checked, terms which have the specified tags are filtered, otherwise they are kept. If strict filtering is checked, all tags must match to filter or keep a term.
Tag type
The type of the tags to filter for.
The tags to filter for.

Deep preprocessing options

Deep preprocessing
If deep preprocessing is checked, the terms contained inside the documents are preprocessed too, this means that the documents themselves are changed too, which is more time consuming.
Document column
Specifies the column containing the documents to preprocess.
Append unchanged documents
If checked, the documents contained in the specified "Original Document column" are appended unchanged even if deep preprocessing is checked. This helps to keep the original documents in the output data table without the agonizing pain of joining.
Original Document column
Specifies the column containing the original documents which can be attached unchanged.
Ignore unmodifiable tag
If checked unmodifiable terms will be preprocessed too.

Input Ports

The input table which contains the terms to filter.

Output Ports

The output table which contains the filtered terms.

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To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME Textprocessing from the following update site:


A zipped version of the software site can be downloaded here.

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