SSH Connector

This node connects to a remote SSH server using SFTP. The resulting output port allows downstream nodes to access the files of the remote server, e.g. to read or write, or to perform other file system operations (browse/list files, copy, move, ...).

Path syntax: Paths for SSH are specified with a UNIX-like syntax such as /myfolder/myfile. An absolute path for SSH consists of:

  1. A leading slash ("/").
  2. Followed by the path to the file ("myfolder/myfile" in the above example).



Address of the host where the SSH server runs.
Port that the SSH server is listening on for incoming connections.
Specify the authentication method to use:
  • Username & password: Authenticate with a username and password. Either enter a username and password, in which case the password will be persistently stored (in encrypted form) with the workflow. Or check Use credentials and a select a credentials flow variable to supply the username and password. The password may be empty if the SSH server permits empty passwords.
  • Key file: Authenticate using a private key file. You have to specify the Username and the private Key file. A Key passphrase can optionally be provided, in case the private key file is passphrase-protected. Note that the passphrase is persistently stored (in encrypted form) in the settings of this node and will be saved with the workflow. This node supports the following private key formats: RFC4716 (default OpenSSH2 private key format), PKCS#8, PKCS#1 (traditional PEM format, OpenSSL-compatible), and ppk (PuTTY format).
Working directory
Specify the working directory of the resulting file system connection, using the Path syntax explained above. The working directory must be specified as an absolute path. A working directory allows downstream nodes to access files/folders using relative paths, i.e. paths that do not have a leading slash. The default working directory is the root "/".


Connection timeout
Timeout in seconds to establish a connection or 0 for an infinite timeout.
Maximum SFTP sessions
Number of SFTP sessions the node will try to open. Actual number of sessions may be less, depending on the limits of the SSH server.
Use known hosts file
If this options selected, then provided known hosts file will be used to validate the (public) key of the SSH server. If not selected, then server key will not be validated.

Input Ports

File system that can be used to provide an SSH private key and/or known hosts file.

Output Ports

SSH File System Connection.


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