R Console (Remote)

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

Allows execution of R commands on an R server within this node's view. The results are also displayed in the view. The entire data (compatible to int, double, and String types) is transfered to the R server which then reacts to R commands entered in the view. Each column can be accessed by the name provided in the input data table. Missing values are supported, that is, missing values in numeric columns are transfered as NaN (Not a Number) to the R server while missing values in all other types of columns are sent as NA.

R installation:
In order to get the R nodes running, you have to install the R-project first, see www.r-project.org. Also the R server which responds to R commands has to be installed and running, see http://www.rforge.net/Rserve/.
Also make sure that you have the latest available or compatible R-project version at hand. For Windows you may download an R server for your R-project version. All other operating systems require the most recent clients (R-project installation). We offer downloads of current versions of R and Rserve that are compatible with KNIME on our website. Please note that in the current version the R server needs to be restarted from time to time. If an R node hangs, interrupt the R server and restart it. Warnings and errors are printed in the R server window.

More details about R:


R Command

R Snippet
Enter R commands here, for instance for computing the Covariance of two columns:
Column List
The list contains the column that are available in the input table. Double click any of the column names to insert the respective field in the expression editor. It will replace your current selection or simply insert at the current caret position.
Flow Variable List
The list contains the flow variables that are currently available at the node input. Double clicking any of the entries will insert the respective identifier at the current cursor position (replacing the selection, if any).


The IP of the computer where the R server is running, for example localhost with IP
The port id, default is 6311.
The login name can be empty.
The password can be empty.

Input Ports

Data Input

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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R Console
Shell for executing R commands.


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