H2O Naive Bayes Learner

Learns a Naïve Bayes classification model using H2O .


General Settings

Target Column
Select target column. The column must contain nominal values.
Column selection
Select columns used for model training.
Ignore constant columns
Select to ignore constant columns.
Default probability
Specify the minimum probability to use for observations without enough data (min_prob) .

Algorithm Settings

Laplace smoothing parameter
Specify the Laplace smoothing parameter. The value must be an integer >= 0 (laplace) .
Minimum standard deviation
Specify the minimum standard deviation to use for observations without enough data. The value must be at least 1e-10 (min_sdev) .
Threshold standard deviation
Specify the threshold for standard deviation. The value must be positive. If this threshold is not met, the minimum standard deviation value is used (eps_sdev) .
Threshold probability
Specify the threshold value for probability. If this threshold is not met, then the minimum probability value is used (eps_prob) .

Advanced Settings

Max runtime in seconds
Maximum allowed runtime in seconds for model training (max_runtime_secs) .
Use static random seed
Select to use static seed for randomization.

Input Ports

H2O Frame with training data.

Output Ports

H2O Naive Bayes classification model.


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