Snowflake H2O MOJO Predictor (Classification)

This node applies a classification MOJO (binomial or multinomial) to an incoming Snowflake connection.


General Settings

Enforce presence of all feature columns
If checked, the node will fail if any of the feature columns used for learning the MOJO is missing. Otherwise a warning will be displayed and the missing columns are treated as NA by the MOJO predictor.
Fail, if a prediction exception occurs
If checked, the node will fail if the prediction of a row fails. Otherwise a missing value will be the output.

Classification Settings

Change prediction column name
Change the name of the prediction column.
Append individual class probabilities
Select to append the class probabilities of each class to the table. Useful for scoring models.
Suffix for probability columns
If class probabilities are appended, the suffix allows you to avoid duplicate column names. Can be empty.

Input Ports

The MOJO. Its model category must be either binomial or multinomial.
The DB Data object that should be used for prediction

Output Ports

The DB Data object containing the predicted class and, if selected, the individual class probabilities.


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