LRN Layer (legacy)

This node adds a Local Response Normalization layer to the Deep Learning Model supplied by the input port. For more information on LRN see the following paper:

The KNIME Deeplearning4J Integration has been marked as legacy with KNIME Analytics Platform 5.0 and will be deprecated in a future version. If you are using this extension in a production workflow, consider switching to one of the other deep learning integrations available in KNIME Analytics Platform.


Hyper Parameters
The variables k, n, alpha and beta are hyper parameters for the Local Response Normalization method. The paper uses the following values:
  • k = 2
  • n = 5
  • alpha = 0.0001
  • beta = 0.75

Input Ports

The model which will be extended by this layer.

Output Ports

The model from the input port additionally containing this layer.


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