Box Authenticator

This node authenticates against Box. The resulting credential can then be used with the Box Connector node. The following authentication methods are supported:

In order to use this node, a Custom App has to be created and approved in Box first. The steps are as follows:

  • Create a Custom App in Box. While creating the app choose the authentication method you want to use in KNIME (OAuth 2.0 or Client Credentials Grant).
  • For Client Credentials Grant, configure the app as follows: Set Access Level = App + Enterprise Access (to be able to access files/folders of your Box enterprise), and Application Scopes = Write all files and folders stored in Box.
  • For OAuth 2.0, configure the app as follows: Set OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI = http://localhost, and Application Scopes = Write all files and folders stored in Box.
  • Request approval of your app as described here.
  • As soon as a Box admin has approved your app it can be used in KNIME.

Note: If OAuth 2 is selected, the node can currently only be executed in KNIME Analytics Platform, i.e. execution on KNIME (Business) Hub, KNIME Server, or via Remote Workflow Editor will fail. Authentication via Client Credentials should work in all cases.


App ID and secret
The app/client ID and secret of the custom Box app. These fields can be found in the configuration settings of your custom Box app.
Authentication method to use.
Enterprise ID
The Box Enterprise ID when authenticating as a service account.
Redirect URL (should be http://localhost:XXXXX)
The redirect URL to be used at the end of the interactive login. Should be chosen as http://localhost:XXXXX where XXXXX is a random number in the 10000 - 65000 range to avoid conflicts. The redirect URL is part of the App configuration in Box.
Clicking on login opens a new browser window/tab which allows to interactively log into Box.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Box credential (access token).

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