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PMML Predictor

KNIME Ensemble Learning version 4.4.0.v202104131313 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Applies PMML model including any preprocessing and transformation steps. Can predict the following PMML models: ClusteringModel, GeneralRegressionModel, RegressionModel, TreeModel , RegressionTreeModel (Simple Regression Tree), GradientBoostingModel (Gradient Boosted Trees), SupportVectorMachineModel and NeuralNetwork


Change prediction column name
When set, you can change the name of the prediction column.
Prediction Column
The possibly overridden column name for the predicted column. (The default depends on the model)
Append probability value column per class instance
When classification is done and this option is set, the class probabilities are appended.
Suffix for probability columns
Suffix for the normalized distribution columns. Their names are like: P (trainingColumn=value).

Input Ports

PMML Model
Data to be predicted.

Output Ports

Data with assigned prediction.

Best Friends (Outgoing)


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