Java Distance

Enables the definition of arbitrary distance measures using a Java snippet. A distance measure is defined on two equal structured rows. You can refer to a cell value by enclosing the column name prefixed by either row1 or row2 for example $row1.c1$ .


Compute the Euclidean distance of the columns c1 and c2 :

Compute the arithmetic mean of the Levenshtein distance of the columns c1 and c2 :
mean(levenshtein($row1.c0$,$row2.c0$),levenshtein($row1.c1$, $row2.c1$))

Note that strings which are part of the expression and are not from the input data (or the result of another wrapped function call) need to be enclosed in double quotes ('"'). Additionally, if the string contains a quote character, it must be escaped using a backslash character ('\"'). Finally, other special characters such as single quotes and backslashes need to be escaped using a backslash. For instance, a single backslash in a string is written as two consecutive backslash characters; the first one acts as the escape character for the second.


Column List
The list contains the column that are available in the input table. Double click any of the column names to insert the respective field in the expression editor. It will replace your current selection or simply insert at the current caret position. Depending on choosing the left or right list the column name is prefixed by the corresponding row identifier.
Flow Variable List
The list contains the flow variables that are currently available at the node input. Double clicking any of the entries will insert the respective identifier at the current cursor position (replacing the selection, if any).
Select a single function to display its description. A double click will insert the function in the expression editor. It will replace your current selection or simply insert at the current caret position. Select a category to narrow down the list of displayed functions.
The place for your business logic. You can hit ctrl+space to get an auto completion box.

Input Ports

Input table.

Output Ports

The defined distance.


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