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data.world Upload Files

data.world KNIME Nodes extension for KNIME Workbench version 1.0.0.v201710231050 by data.world Inc. and KNIME.COM AG

Provides batch uploading of one or more files to an existing data.world Dataset. Each row in the input table is expected to contain the name of the file to be uploaded to data.world. Files to be uploaded need not be tabular data files; they can be any kind of file supported by data.world (e.g. png, svg, vega-lite plot).


Dataset Name
Specify the name of the Dataset on data.world in which to add files. The named Dataset must be owned by the same user whose account credentials are used to access data.world services.
Specify the column in the input data table containing the names of files to be uploaded. The filenames in each row should be the full resolvable path to each file to be uploaded. Once a file has been added to the data.world Dataset, its name may be modified by data.world according to its rules on presentation. Only String columns may be selected.

Input Ports

Filenames to be uploaded to a data.world Dataset.

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