Amazon Personalize Upload Items

This node uploads items data to the Amazon Personalize space. The input table must contain at least one string column that contains item IDs and one additional metadata column (string or numeric). First, this node uploads the data to a specified S3 location. From there, it will be imported to Personalize. The import may take several minutes. If the import is done, the file will be deleted from S3 afterwards since it is not needed anymore.
To create a model with Amazon Personalize, you can also upload users and interactions data to the same data group. Only the interactions data is required. Once you have uploaded all the data, you can create a solution with the Amazon Personalize Create Solution Version node and afterwards deploy the solution by creating a campaign with the Amazon Personalize Create Campaign node.
More information is available on the website or in the documentation.

Note: If the node execution is interrupted during the import, e.g. by the user or due to lost of internet connection, the import will still be completed on AWS, although the node does not execute successfully. The file on S3 may not be deleted in this case.


Target on S3
Specify the location on S3 which will be used to store the dataset while it gets imported to Personalize. The file is just temporarily stored and will be deleted after the node has been executed. If the execution of the node is interrupted or the internet connection gets lost while importing is in progress, the file may not be deleted.
Enter custom IAM role ARN
Enter a custom AWS IAM role. The role must have access to the previously defined S3 bucket. See also here.
Select IAM role ARN
Select one of the available AWS IAM roles. The role must have access to the previously defined S3 bucket. See also here.
Upload to new dataset group
Enter the name of the dataset group to be created.
Upload to existing dataset group
Select one of the already existing dataset groups.
Item ID column
Select the column that contains item IDs. The maximum length of an ID is 256 characters.
Metadata columns
Select at least 1 and up to 5 metadata columns. The maximum length of a metadata entry is 1000 characters.
Dataset name
Specify the dataset name.
Prefix of import job name
Specify a prefix for the name of the import job. During execution, to this prefix a timestamp of the execution time will be appended.
Prefix of schema name
Specify a prefix for the name of the schema. The full name will consist of this prefix and information about the metadata types.
If the dataset group already contains an items dataset...
Select the policy to apply if the selected dataset group already contains an items dataset. If Overwrite is selected, the existing dataset will be deleted and a new one created. Otherwise, the node will fail.

Input Ports

The AWS connection information.
The input table containing the items data.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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