Amazon Personalize Related Items

This node returns related items for a specific item by calling the Amazon Personalize service. At least one campaign must be available that was created using a recipe of type related items. As input, the node takes an item id. The output will be a list of similar items.
More information is available on the website or in the documentation.


Specify the the campaign. See also here.
Item ID column
Select the column that contains item IDs. See also here.
Number of results
Specify the number of related items. Valid range is from 1 to 500. See also here.
Missing value handling
Specify the action if a missing value is in the input. If Fail is selected, the node will fail. Otherwise, the node just gives a warning and puts missing values in the output for the corresponding rows.

Input Ports

The AWS connection information.
The input table containing item IDs.

Output Ports

The input table with one appended column containing a list of related items. The list is sorted. The first element is the most recommended item.

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