Amazon Personalize Create Campaign

This node deploys a solution version by creating a new campaign. The created campaign can then be used to make predictions. You need to have at least one solution version created to create a campaign. You can use the Amazon Personalize Create Solution Version node for this.
More information is available on the website or in the documentation.

Note: If the node execution is interrupted during the creation, e.g. by the user or due to lost of internet connection, the creation will still be completed on AWS, although the node does not execute successfully.


Campaign name
Specify the name of the campaign. See also here.
Solution version
Select the solution version to deploy. See also here.
Minimum provisioned transactions per second
Specify the requested minimum provisioned transactions (recommendations) per second that Amazon Personalize will support. Valid range is from 1 to 500. See also here.
Provide the campaign ARN as flow variable
If enabled, the ARN of the created campaign will be pushed out as flow variable. This can be convenient if you, e.g., want to control the campaign used for predictions afterwards.

Input Ports

The AWS connection information.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


This node has no views




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