Amazon DynamoDB Query

This node queries DynamoDB and returns the matching attributes as KNIME table. Important: the columns and their types of the KNIME output table are determined from the first batch of items retrieved from DynamoDB. One batch has a maximum size of 1MB. If an item in a later batch, i.e. after loading 1MB, has an attribute that did not occur before, this attribute is not written to the output table.


Standard Settings

The region the table is in.
Table Name
The table to access.
Custom Endpoint (*)
A custom endpoint if the default AWS endpoint should not be used, e.g. for DynamoDB Local.
Hash Key
The hash key of the items to retrieve.
Range Key
A filter on the table's range key.
Index name (*)
The name of the index to use or empty if no index should be queried.
Consistent Read
Whether consistent read should be enforced (costs twice the throughput capacity units).
The maximum number of items to retrieve.
Publish consumed capacity units as flow variable
If checked, the total capacity units used by the operation are published as a flow variable named "queryConsumedCapacity".

Filter & Projection

A filter expression (see the DynamoDB documentation)
The attributes to load from DynamoDB.
Name Mapping
Mapping for name placeholders in the filter and projection expressions. Necessary if the attribute names are reserved keywords.
Value Mapping
Mapping for value placeholders in the filter and projection expressions.

Input Ports

Credentials for an AWS account

Output Ports

Credentials for an AWS account
KNIME data table with query results


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