Table View

The view can be accessed either via the “Open view” action on the executed node or on KNIME Hub.
In the node configuration, you can choose the amount of rows you want to display and enable certain controls, which are then available in the view. This includes the ability to choose different columns which are then displayed in the table.
The configuration also offers a preview of the table, which should help to get the table view in the desired shape quickly.

Interactivity between multiple views is currently only possible for views coming from the KNIME Views extension.


Displayed columns
Select the columns that should be displayed in the table
Show row numbers
Whether to display the row numbers or not
Show RowIDs
Whether to display the RowIDs or not
The title of the table shown above the generated image. If left blank, no title will be shown.
Show table size
Whether to display the number of rows and columns above the table or not.
Show column data types in header
Whether to display the data type of the columns in the header or not
Enables or disables the ability to only show a certain number of rows. Enabling pagination hides the option “Show table size”.
Page size
Select the amount of rows shown per page
Column width
Fixed, the column sizing is fixed. Fit content, the columns are sized according to the largest element in the column within the first 10 rows or within the current page when the page size is smaller than 10. Fit content and header, the content and the headers are considered for the size calculation of the columns.
Row height
Set the initial height of the rows:
  • Default, shows one line of text, visually well separated by whitespace. In case of reporting this option will grow the row height as high as the content.
  • Compact, reduces white space around rows to a minimum. Choose this option to show as many rows as possible in given space.
  • Custom, shows as much as you need. For instance, show images at a size that enables to grasp their gist.
Custom row height
Set the initial height of the rows.
Enable global search
Enables or disables the ability to perform a global search inside the table.
Enable column search
Enables or disables the ability to perform a column search inside the table.
Enable sorting by header
Enables or disables the ability to sort the table by clicking on the column headers
Enable selection of column renderer
Whether to enable the selection of a column renderer in the header or not
Enable copying cells
When checked, the cells of the table are selectable and can be copied. Click on a cell to select it. To select a range, select a cell, then click another cell with shift pressed or with the left mouse button pressed, drag over other cells.
“Show” makes this view receive notifications about changes of the selection. “Edit” also allows you to change the selection and propagate any changes you make here to other views that show the selection.
Show only selected rows
When checked, only the selected rows are shown in the table view.
Enable toggle 'Show only selected rows'
When checked, it is possible to configure from within the view whether only the selected rows are shown.

Input Ports

Data table with data to display.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


Table View
A table view of the input data.




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