Sunburst Chart

This node displays hierarchical data in a radial layout. The view can be accessed either via the “Open view” action on the executed node or on KNIME Hub.
In the node configuration, you can choose input data you want to display and enable certain controls, which are then available in the view. This includes the ability to choose different columns or the possibility to set a title.
The configuration also offers a preview of the view, which should help to get the sunburst chart in the desired shape quickly.


Hierarchy dimensions
Defines the columns that are used to define the hierarchical relations in the chart. Each column represents one layer of the chart.
Value dimension
Defines the column that contains the sizes of the segments in the outer layer of the chart.
Aggregate small categories
When checked, small categories that lie below the specified threshold will be aggregated.
Segments with a proportion less than the specified threshold will be aggregated.
The title of the graph shown above the generated image. If left blank, no title will be shown.
Sort categories by
Select the rule by which the segments should be sorted. If a segment of aggregated small categories is displayed, it is excluded from this sorting as it is always the last segment.
Show labels
When checked, the labels of the chart segments are shown.
Label content
Select what is shown in the labels of the chart segments.
Label value format
Select how values should be formatted inside the label.
Label for aggregated categories
The label of the segments resulting from aggregating small categories below the specified threshold.
Label orientation
Select how the labels should be rotated in the chart.
Enable image download
When checked, an image of the chart can be downloaded by clicking the image download button in the view.
Show tooltip
When checked, hovering over a chart segment will show information about the data.
Tooltip value format
Select how values should be formatted inside the tooltip.
Enable animation
When checked, the animation of the graph is active.
Generate image
If checked, adds an image output port and, upon execution, generates a PNG image which is made available via this port.
The width of the generated image (in pixels).
The height of the generated image (in pixels).

Input Ports

Data table with data to display.

Output Ports

Rendered PNG image.

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Sunburst Chart
A sunburst chart visualization of the input data.


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