Bar Chart

The view can be accessed either via the “Open view” action on the executed node or on KNIME Hub.
In the node configuration, you can choose the aggregation method and enable certain controls, which are then available in the view. This includes the ability to choose different columns for the category and frequency axis or the possibility to set a title.
The configuration also offers a preview of the view, which should help to get the bar chart in the desired shape quickly.
Since missing values as well as NaN (not a number) or infinite values cannot be displayed in the view, they will be omitted.

Interactivity between multiple views is currently only possible for views coming from the KNIME Views extension.


Category dimension
Select the column that contains the category values. Note: Missing values are treated as separate category.
Select the aggregation method used on the selected frequency columns. In case of “None” every row of the table is treated as a separate category. Note that in this case duplicate categories can exist. In case of “Occurrence Count” the occurrence of the number of rows that share a given category is determined.
Frequency dimensions
Select the columns with frequencies for which you wish to plot bars. Note: Missing values in the frequency column will be ignored with a corresponding warning message. If, after aggregation, some bars or entire categories contain only missing values, they will be excluded from the view and a warning message will be raised.
The title of the graph shown above the generated image. If left blank, no title will be shown.
Category axis label
The label used for the category axis. If left blank, no label will be shown.
Frequency axis label
The label used for the frequency axis. If left blank, no label will be shown.
When “Horizontal” is selected, the bar chart is plotted horizontally. By default bar chart is plotted with vertical bars.
Arrange bars
When “Stacked” is selected, the bars of the same category are stacked on top of each other.
Display legend
When checked, the chart’s legend is displayed.
Show bar values
When checked, the values will be shown on top of each bar.
Enable image download
When checked, an image of the chart can be downloaded by clicking the image download button in the view.
Show tooltip
When checked, hovering over a bar will show information about the data.
Publish selection
When checked, the view notifies other interactive views when the user changes the selection in the current view.
Subscribe to selection
When checked, the view reacts on notifications from other interactive views that the selection has been changed.
Enable animation
When checked, the animation of the graph is active.
Generate image
If checked, adds an image output port and, upon execution, generates a PNG image which is made available via this port.
The width of the generated image (in pixels).
The height of the generated image (in pixels).

Input Ports

Data table containing the categories and values to be plotted in a bar chart.

Output Ports

Rendered PNG image.

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Bar Chart
A bar chart visualization of the input data.


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