Global Timer Info

This node reports collected usage information for nodes for the life span of this KNIME installation.

The output table at the first output lists all nodes that were created or executed during the life time of this installation. It contains the following information:

  • Name: java class name of the node (unique identifier of the implementation)
  • Aggregate Execution Time: aggregated execution times of all instances of that node (in milli seconds)
  • Overall Nr of Executions: how often instances of this node implementation were executed
  • Overall Nr of Creations: how many instances were manually created (not counting copy and paste actions)
  • Likely Successor: the most likely successor for each node; this information is likely not that useful for a single installation but provides us at KNIME with aggregate usage statistics and will allows us to provide recommendations in the future

The second port shows all installed features of this KNIME installation together with their version numbers.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

The collected timer information.
A list of all installed features.


This node has no views




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