Pivoting (deprecated)

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

The node counts the co-occurrences of all value pairs between the group and pivot column. If an aggregation column is selected, the value between the co-occurrences is computed based on the selected aggregation method. In the resulting pivot table, the possible values of the group column appear as row IDs and the values of the pivot column as column names. The value in each cell of the table is the aggregation value, either the number of occurrences or the computed aggregation value.


Pivot column
Select a column to find all co-occurrences among the values of the group column. The values of this column define the column header.
Group column
Select a column to perform a grouping on. The column values are then used as row IDs.
Enable aggregation
If selected, the aggregation is performed based on one selected numeric column to which the selected aggregation method is applied.
Aggregation column
Select a numeric column used to aggregate all occurrences of the pivot values within one group.
Aggregation method
If no aggregation column has been selected, simply the numbers of co-occurrences are counted between the group and pivot column. The following methods can be applied to the aggregation column: SUM, MEAN, MIN, MAX, VARIANCE, and STD DEVIATION.
Enable hiliting
Select, if hiliting is enabled between input and output data.
Ignore missing values
Ignore rows containing missing values in pivot column.

Input Ports

Input table with at least two columns used to group against the pivot column. In addition, an aggregation column can be applied.

Output Ports

Pivoting table with aggregated values of co-occurrences between pivot and group column.

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