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Naive Bayes Predictor

DeprecatedKNIME Base Nodes version 3.7.1.v201901291053 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Predicts the class per row based on the learned model. The class probability is the product of the probability per attribute and the probability of the class attribute itself.

The probability for nominal values is the number of occurrences of the class value with the given value divided by the number of total occurrences of the class value. The probability of numerical values is calculated by assuming a normal distribution per attribute.


Append probability value column per class instance
If selected a column is appended for each class instance with the normalized probability of this row being member of this class.
Laplace corrector
Initial count for nominal attributes to overcome zero counts. Set to zero for no correction.

Input Ports

Naive Bayes Model
Data to classify

Output Ports

Classified data



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