Interval Loop Start

The Interval LoopStart is the node that starts a loop which increases a variable within a user-defined interval by a certain amount. This is very handy for nodes inside a loop that take a continuous parameter. The current value is accessible via the scope variable loop_value . At the end of the loop you need LoopEnd, which collects the results from all loop iterations. All nodes in between are executed as many times as you specify in the dialog of LoopStart.

The input ports are just passed through to the output ports. You can add an arbitrary number of port pairs by using the “…” menu.


The interval start value (inclusive).
The interval end value (inclusive).
The step size by which the value is increased after each iteration. Negative step sizes are possible, if from is greater than to
Loop variable is
Select the type of the variable that is exposed by the node (integers, longs or doubles). The node creates variables for from, to, step and the current value. Keep in mind that this only affects the type of the variables. Internally doubles are used to keep track of the loop state. This means that the values may be rounded to fit the specified type.
Variable prefix
The prefix of the variable names

Input Ports

The input data, which can be a data table or any other arbitrary port object.

Output Ports

The unaltered input object


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